Love Divine


Love Divine Potion #10 works with the very power sacred sexual energies, is a standard recipe it has to be personalized for the best results!



Love divine is all about Sacred Sexuality, very powerful and the dilution needs to be personalized according to your goals, personality and intention.

You can have it pure, but the first time you use it you will see how powerful it is!

This potion helps to activate the very powerful sacred sexual energies we all have. Most of us learned to suppress it, which prevents us to experience joy, love and happiness in its fullest.

We need to know and understand the person who will use it and the aim, why were you called to choose this potion. All that information will determine what goes into the potion so you get the exact outcome you are looking for.

We need to check if this is really the right for you. There are different potions for the topic of love – love bomb, letter to self, love clarifying, self-love for men and women and love divine. All serve different purposes, but if you feel called to this one, just order it and fill out the form during checkout as accurately as possible.

I’ll follow up with you with a mini consultation! I need to give you instructions, yes, that’s how powerful it is!

Price 25 GBP + mark ups/fees + mailing expenses 15 GBP

Shipping cost will be added by checkout, £15 / package all across Europe, approximately takes 10 working days to arrive!

Decoration may vary!

Choose for whom is the order for!


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