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During a healing session with Margherita, she discovered there was some ill energy regarding the deaths of my two siblings and a lot of self doubt that was released.
I felt so much happier and self assured afterwards.



I had a session with the very professional Margherita.
In the beginning, my heart was not open to receive love. After the session, I felt my heart is now open to both receive and give love.

I felt safe with Margherita and with her right guidance through questions, I came to understand what my bottom limiting belief was, and Margherita’s professional skills removed it; she then replaced the negative emotional programmes and downloaded me with positive ones.

I highly recommend Margherita as a professional Theta Healer and Life Coach!!!
Massive Thanks and unconditional love to you dear Margherita!

I am very happy and satisfied from your healing!!!🧡



I had two healing sessions with Margherita following an upsetting event which left me emotionally hurt, insecure and experiencing a range of trust issues.

Margherita is, in my opinion, a very intuitive, compassionate and highly gifted Lightworker.

Immediately as we sat down, she understood exactly how I was feeling, even though I found it hard to explain, at times. There was no judgement, just acceptance and encouragement.

The outcomes of the healing exceeded all my expectations.
In just one hour, she was able not only to remove the pain I felt, but also to identify and heal all the emotional hurt I’d been carrying around with me, stemming from past events years ago.

After just one session, I felt like the weight had been lifted – I was lighter, carefree and happier and more optimistic than I’d ever been before. I felt whole, safe and secure. The effect has been long-lasting and transformative – I have genuinely never felt better since.

Thanks to Margherita, I was able to let go of the negative experiences, raise my vibration and to focus on creating the reality I wish to manifest.

I would recommend Margherita to anyone who needs to leave negative experiences behind, feel more connected to the Source and change their outlook on life.




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